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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get a Life!!!!

While promoting my new blog "" on social media last week, I came across an old friend of a friend from my college days in the early to mid 90's, whom I really never interacted with before.  Interestingly enough however, she didn't take the news of my new blog as something to celebrate, or even respect. In fact, her reaction was quite the opposite.   

She went on to post on my Facebook blog page a series of "memes" along the lines of "Don't be a Republican or Democrat, be an American", a meme I very much agree with.  When I politely replied that I actually agreed with her point, she lashed out like a starving piranha asking as to why I go on constant "tirades" on social media criticizing both the Democrats and Republicans? She then said to me that I should "get a life"..... Now leaving aside the fact that this woman has always kept up with every single detail about any actor or actress to ever grace the silver screen, and pretty much lives her life idolizing people like the Kardashians, I let go of the irony I saw in her attack.  

After her philippic, I got to thinking; why does caring about my beautiful nation place me in the category of “not having a life”? So many have given their lives and sacrificed so much for our country, but people like her tell me to "get a life", just because I care deeply about preserving what America stands for?! When, and how, did we get to the point where keeping up with current events and being an educated voter and citizen is considered not having a life to someone in her early 40's?  I’m at a loss. I have no clue.  But this way of thinking had better change, and change quickly, because if it doesn't, there will be a day when we will all "have lives," but there won't be a United States of America to worry about anymore.  

Come to think of it, I rather not “have a life”, than have to live one where the USA isn't the USA anymore. 

~Al Waisman

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