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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just another “Vast Right Wing Consipiracy?”, Or should we hold that thought?

When the March 2nd New York Times story broke about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s, “exclusive” use of her personal email address to conduct government business, you probably could have knocked me over with a feather. (link)  New York Times?  Wait, what?  The newspaper often cited as the most progressive in the nation publishing what appears to be a hit piece on the de facto Democrat presidential nominee?  Have worlds collided?, I thought it was a fluke, only to see Mother Jones publish a blistering article slamming Hillary’s “tainted chain of custody” just a few days later. (link)  I then began to feel there may be more to this story than meets the eye, my goodness, more has been written by the left about the Clinton private Email debacle than about the four tragic deaths in Benghazi.

One amusing aspect of this story is that during her 2008 Presidential campaign run, Mrs. Clinton was an extremely harsh critic of the Bush administration’s use of private emails for official business. (link) Reported thus far, a few Bush officials did use public email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. in addition to their government accounts.  But none has been reported to have personally paid for server installations in their homes to assure exclusivity, like Hillary, whose private account was created the day her Senate confirmation hearings began on January 13, 2009.  The nagging question is, why the urgency to create an exclusive email address for official government use when free access to the State Department website was available?  One can only speculate.

Since creation of “” and nine other accounts, all official State Department correspondence, including top secret information due to her security clearance, was funneled through the Clinton private domain, with Hillary having sole discretion to either share information with those whom she deemed appropriate, retain for future use or destroy entirely.  We will probably never know if historical information critical to world events were purposely deleted.  One person, and one person alone, Hillary Clinton, maintained the keys to the kingdom.  Some will always question if Libyan Ambassador Stevens personally emailed Clinton for additional security for the embassy, let alone whether he emailed her for emergency assistance within the hours or minutes prior to his death.

Hillary used in her press conference on March 10 the “need for convenience” as an excuse for maintaining her exclusive email account from a private server in her home because carrying two phones would have been a burden.  It should be noted one device can handle information from multiple email accounts.   Interestingly, less than two weeks ago, she admitted at the Watermark Silicon Valley Conference to now using two phones, a BlackBerry and an iPhone. (link)

One thing is for certain as the story unfolds.  This story will be the gift that keeps on giving as additional related matters concerning Clinton have been brought to the forefront since the story broke.  Judicial Watch claims it has made 160 requests for information and filed 20 lawsuits against the State Department over the past seven years and zero Clinton emails have been received on any of these matters. (link)  Stories from 2012 have resurfaced implying both Hillary and her stepbrother gained financially from State Department aide in the amount of $3.1 billion to Haiti. (link) Information related to’s call to draft Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 as well as rumors about former Obama campaign staffers and other liberal pro-Warren organizations are additionally being released. (link)

Could the Warren push be related to the sudden and revealing stories about the Clinton email scandal?  Stay tuned folks.  This could be one long and wild ride!


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