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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Silly Season!

Campaign Season or “Silly Season” as I call it is in full swing.  This week Ted Cruz announced he is officially running for the Presidency of the United States of America.   Let the silliness on social media begin.   

Cruz’s announcement wasn’t even cold and social media was already on fire, from those who love him, and from those who hate him.  The worst part is most of those who hate him aren’t even on the left,  they are just so called Republicans who have already made their burnt offerings to another idol, so now, they sit behind a computer playing keyboard commando, ready to rip apart any other candidate that comes along on our side. 
Within an hour of being on social media I have already seen comments like “We need a Governor”, “He has the same credentials as Obama," “he isn’t a natural born citizen”, and my personal favorite, "He can't love the USA because he had dual citizenship until last year."  Now I am not a constitutional scholar by a long shot, but would it not be more apropos of the left to make these comments?   

Don’t these people understand that, as a nation, we cannot survive another 8 years of economy wrecking policies from another leftist like Obama?  I'm happy to see most of these Social Media Jockeys haven’t suffered enough over the last 6 years.  I thought 2012 had taught us a lesson…… But please, as a fellow American citizen, I beg you, no….. I implore you…. Please vote for whoever the GOP nominee is, because any of the choices will be 100x better than the dross the Democrats will offer us.  

 God Bless America

~Al Waisman