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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Harry Reid, The Liar from The Silver State!

While everyone on the right seems to be reeling over Harry "the war is lost" Reid’s comments concerning lying about 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for 10 years, (link) I am even more upset at the Republicans, and Mitt Romney himself. 

Is the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan really that weakened and feckless that it can’t even defend itself against a bold-faced lie from an evil con-man like Harry Reid, who once called people visiting the US Capitol “smelly?”  (link) 

Does this mean anyone can make up any lie whatsoever about any Republican candidate and that candidate will just take the accusation lying down? Who were these people who were advising Romney?  And what role will they be playing in 2016?  But, now that I recall, when Mitt Romney was running against 6 other Republican candidates in the primaries (link), I don’t remember him taking it easy with anyone… in fact his “pacs” took out each candidate one by one until he was the last man standing, and no one told him to take it easy, or even worse, to take a fall.  Which is what seemed to be the case once the 2nd debate came against President Obama?   (link)  Do Republicans only enjoy infighting and have just been reduced to a self-hating bunch who is only focused on consultants making money and ego building rather than winning? Why do Republicans only care about winning the primaries and not the general election? 

When I was Secretary of the San Mateo County Republican Party, the chairman, Michael Schwab, once told me, “When you have too much calm, civility and harmony, it means you have a dictatorship. “  No truer words have ever been spoken.   I really wish the Republicans would stop the “we can’t offend the independents” mentality and stop letting the Left push them around.  

As much as it pains me to say this, until I see a change in this attitude, I will be getting ready for Hilary.

~Al Waisman

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