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Friday, April 3, 2015

Meditations Concerning a Certain Friday in Nisan 2015 Years Ago…and, Concerning Good Friday, 2015


Does a human being have the right to refuse to do something or participate in something that is morally repugnant to him or her? I seem to remember a certain dictator in Germany about 70 years ago who forced people to do things they found morally repugnant. Including, some businesses. Each time they complied, the people found it easier and easier to ignore any stirrings of their conscience. Until their consciences quit stirring. Later, they tried the defense of "But, I was ordered to do it." That defense was not acceptable at Nuremberg. Neither was it acceptable in the society or the culture of that era.  At least, not outside the minds of those attempting to make such a defense.

Would that defense, that excuse, be acceptable now? I wonder. I am forced to wonder. Why do I wonder? Because of many things, but, primarily, because of a “little” something called “Moral Relativism.” We no longer hold certain core truths to be solid truth. We no longer hold certain rights as given to us by our Creator. We no longer believe those truths, those rights, to be unalienable or God-given. We no longer believe certain truths and rights to be inherent. And, we have certainly become “experts” at confusing behavior and desires with actual rights. Many do not believe in God at all. And, many who do still believe in God no longer consider it acceptable, allowable or even necessary to judge behavior. When we do attempt to judge behavior, we are accused of judging human souls. Which is not the case. The judgment of souls belongs exclusively to God. But, we humans MUST judge behavior. If we do not, anarchy and chaos ensue. For without human judgment, we would have no secular laws. All rules that ensure some kind of order and structure in our lives would be moot. Those rules, those laws, would have to be eliminated. And, if you are naive enough to believe that humans, in our mere humanity, would always choose good over evil, I encourage you to look around you. Look at the world. Look even at yourself. And, then tell me we do not need laws; that we do not need structure; that we do not need to judge human behavior. Why is this necessary? For our own survival. Simple as that. Of course, then one has to believe that each of us has a RIGHT to survive. And, even that is becoming fashionable and allowable to question these days.

And, after thinking through all this, it forces me to ask another question:  When we stand before God, as I believe we all will, and He asks us to account for our behavior and our beliefs and even our thoughts, will we say: Well, the mob screamed and I gave in to the mob. And, will God accept that? I truly don't know. But, it's something I do think about. And, yes...I often wish I did not think so much. But, I do. Especially, this week...Holy Week. I look at these mobs in Indiana and elsewhere. And, I think about other mobs in our very recent and current history. And, then, in my mind, I see the mob in Jerusalem, on a certain Friday, on a certain day in the month of Nisan, 2015 years ago, screaming, as the Old Testament Prophets had predicted would happen on that very day, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" And, I know that that mob really represented me…all of us…for we all, at one time or another, in various words and actions, truly do scream, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

And, I think about all that and I think about all this. And, I wonder. 


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