Friday, May 8, 2015

Breaking News from the CAGOP!

The California Republican Party Platform Committee was elected earlier this week.   This is actually where the so called "Moderates" in the party come into play; they have been desperate to change the platform.  In the past 8 years they have tried twicebut to no avail, and this time will be no different, unless they can manage to get enough delegate votes that is.    
Please allow me to explain, as most people don’t even know the party has a platform, nor what it is or what it says.  It is a guideline as to what our candidates need to adhere to when elected to office, but it is also very important as a PR ploy, because the moment it changes it hits the news like a drunk Kennedy hitting the lake.  An example of this was when the Nevada GOP changed their platform to a more liberal stance.  
The last time the "Moderates" pushed to change the platform, it took out all mention of the CAGOP being anti-abortion, it softened language against the radical green initiatives and gay marriage. As history reflectsthey lost. so WHY are they trying again?
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~Al Waisman (Recovering California Republican Activist)