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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ted Cruz takes the Batter’s Box!

Strike One:  Ted Cruz's campaign announced that two term California Republican Party Chairman and Grover Norquist former consulting partner and protege, Ron Nehring will serve as his California state campaign chair.  Nehring ran for Lt. Governor of California in 2014 and got his derriere royally handed to him by a highly unpopular incumbent, Democrat Gavin Newsom.  Even considering his past positions and contacts Nehring was unable to gather up enough funds to mount a serious challenge, not even his buddies at "Cafe con Leche Republicans," a pro amnesty advocacy group based out of Minnesota, could get his campaign funded.  Setting aside my own personal experiences and feelings about Nehring, let me remind you, a campaign chair needs to be able to get the big donors and rake up the money for the candidate!  Someone who couldn’t raise money for his own campaign will not be able to raise money for anyone else.  This is especially damning in a state where there is a whole lot of money to be had. 

Strike Two:  Michigan state campaign chief was announced, and this is a biggie, Saul Anuzis  

Both Anuzis and Nehring have ties to Grover “Jihad” Norquist. Coincidence?

Strike Three:  Ted Cruz, along with 2012 Republican Vice Presidential nominee and current Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan decided it would be a good idea to co-author an op-ed piece supporting Fast Track and TPA for President Obama in the Wall Street Journal  

Ted Cruz, although you were a personal favorite of mine….. You’re Out!!!!   Next Batter!!!!

~Al Waisman (Recovering California Republican Activist)