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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Witness steps forward to confirm Dennis Hastert did associate with known child sex traffickers

Local officials in Yorksville, Illinois stated no complaints of misconduct 

From Eric Dondero: 

First some context via the Chicago Tribune on Friday, "Ex-Yorkville school chief recalls no misconduct complaints against Hastert":
James Garnett, who was superintendent of the Yorkville school district for five of the years Dennis Hastert taught there, said Friday there were no complaints of misconduct lodged against the now-indicted House speaker during that time. 
Hastert, who represented the far western suburbs in Congress, was accused Thursday by federal prosecutors of agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money to a longtime acquaintance to cover up wrongdoing in Hastert's past and then lying to the FBI when asked about suspicious cash withdrawals from several banks. 
Tribune Newspapers reported Friday that Hastert was paying the person to conceal sexual misconduct, according to two federal law enforcement officials. 
One of those officials said the actions involved a male and date back to Hastert's time as wrestling coach and teacher at Yorkville High School.
Reached at his home, Garnett told the Chicago Tribune he remembered Hastert's commitment to his athletes, whom the coach often took on road trips to wrestling camps or to compete with larger suburban school districts in nonconference wrestling meets. 
"That never even crossed my mind during the time I knew him," said Garnett, whose own children had Hastert as a teacher. 
"The boys loved those trips, and it really did help them have more camaraderie as a team." The indictment notes that the person seeking the hush money has been a resident of Yorkville whom Hastert has known most of the person's life.
"I did witness Mr. Dennis Hastert with known child sex traffickers and child sex trafficking victims in the late 1970s"

Now Greg Bucceroni is stepping forward as the first individual to confirm that Hastart did have close relationships with known sex trafficers of underage boys.  Earlier today Bucceroni shared this correspondence with Libertarian Republican.  It was sent to the Yorkville CUSD earlier in the day, as well as the local branch office of the FBI.  

Greg Bucceroni 05-31-2015 

To: Yorkville CUSD 115 School Board 

cc President Dave Dockstader
cc Vice President Dr Lynn Burks 
cc Secretary Ashley Shields
cc Board Member Dr Robert Brenart 
cc Board Member Dean Fisher 
cc Board Member Jason Senffner 
cc Board Member Tom Kozlowicz

Purpose: Dennis Hastert's attendance at a late 1970s Washington DC political social party where myself and other children were sex trafficked and sexually abused. Good afternoon, It is very unfortunate that after reading recent news reports that I have to contact your school board regarding my past 1970s victimization of a child sex trafficking ring associated with Washington DC political power brokers and Mr Dennis Hastert. 

Between the years 1976-1980 I was involved as a child victim in a regional child sex trafficking ring that trafficked myself and numerous other adolescent boys & some girls between Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Washington DC where myself and numerous other children were coerced and groomed into hundreds of acts of child prostitution by prominent adult offenders and their wealthy connected enabling associates. 

I remember specifically being introduced to Mr Dennis Hastert by his associates Mr Lawrence King and Mr Edward Savitz back in the late 1970s during a Washington DC political "Meet & Greet" political social party where those prominent adults in attendance would drink wine, smoke cigars and talk politics, as part of the entertainment myself and other trafficked children were taken to this Washington DC social party from other areas nationally in providing child sexual services to "SOME" of the prominent people in attendance at this late 1970s political meet & greet social party in private back rooms of Mr Lawrence King's personal Washington DC residence.

I have no personal knowledge if Mr Dennis Hastert actually sexually solicited any trafficked child during that Washington DC political social party back in the late 1970s, however I did witness Mr Dennis Hastert socializing with know child sex traffickers and child trafficking victims in attendance at this late 1970s Washington DC political social party.

In closing I felt it was very important for your school board to know a few things regarding some of the past social circles that Mr Dennis Hastert once associated with during his past trips to Washington DC many years ago. I can be reached at the below contact information if your school board has any questions regarding my allegations. 

Thank you for your time. 

Respectfully Gregory Bucceroni 
Philadelphia PA

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