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Monday, June 15, 2015

Scott Walker, a Working Man's Conservative Alternative in 2016!

JOBS: Added 1.32 million jobs during his tenure.
ECONOMY: State GDP grew an average of 7.2 percent during his tenure, while the rest of the nation was enjoying a 5.3 percent.
TAXES: Cut taxes by $19 billion and imposed multiple sales tax holidays.
APPROVAL: Enjoyed a job approval of 64 percent.
ABORTION: Supported abortion restrictions and opposed embryonic stem cell research. His state became the first state to have "choose life" license plates whose fees went toward aid for women with crisis pregnancies. 
RAINY DAY FUND: Increased by 654 percent, from $1.3 billion to $9.8 billion. 
PRIVATIZING: Privatized foster care, adoption services, legal representation for death row prisoners, human resources, state purchasing and state parks. 
GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: Cut 13k positions from government agencies.
CREDIT RATING: His state saw multiple credit rating upgrades and had a AAA status.
LINE-ITEM VETOES: Used over 2,500 line-item vetoes to cut $2.3 billion of proposed spending from lawmakers' budgets.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: By executive order, he ended affirmative action in state hiring and contracting and worked with the Board of Regents to end it in university admissions.
FIREARMS: He signed the "stand your ground" law and has an A+ rating from the NRA.
TEACHERS UNIONS: Established the country's first statewide voucher program for K-12 education, broadened school choice options, expanded charter schools and instituted academic standards.
SCHOOLS: Began A to F letter grades for schools based on student performance on a state test. If a school got an F in two years of a four-year period, students there could get scholarships for private schools. Soon, 88 percent of his state's K-12 public schools were rated A or B.

Wouldn't you agree Conservative Republican Scott Walker would make an awesome 45th President of the United States of America?............ Yes, so do I.

Except, these aren't Governor Walker's accomplishments, scroll down to see who these Conservative accomplishments actually belong to...............

Jeb Bush 43rd Governor of Florida

~ Al Waisman June 15, 2015