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Friday, June 19, 2015


Nancy Oliver-June 15,2015

It's been a rough ride these past 61/2 years. We tried in 2012 to shorten our agony on the right to just 4 but we lost the race. We wanted a strong candidate to enter so we would not get who we conservatives dubbed "obama lite." We screamed for Governor Rick Perry who had led Texas to the number one state as an economic engine, the "Jobs Governor." He entered late as a commanding front runner but soon plummeted with an "oops" moment and a few other stumbles. His octane just was not what we thought it was. Nope...he was a low powered bumbling idiot.

Now we learned he should have been home still recovering from recently undergone major back surgery. Still we hold that "oops" in our memories with every right and left columnist reminding us often. Yeah...I am guilty now too. But, I do for a reason.

Some wonder why he entered if he was not healthy enough to perform? Well I know this man pretty dang well watching him like a hawk because he was my Governor.

Disclaimer here: I HATE POLITICIANS! I am a political junkie and have been most all my life as well as a history buff and that includes study of our constitutions-Texas and US.

Anyone wondering why Governor Rick Perry entered the 2012 race surly does not know him. Governor Rick Perry has and will answer the calling of the United States of America anytime he is called upon. The nation called loudly and by golly he will not lay down and say, "I cain't." He does not know how to quit.

Texans are not stupid. We did not keep this man three and a half terms because he was "Oops" stupid! Texas did not rise to the number one state economically during the worst national economic years I can ever recall because we were led by "Mr. Oops!" We did not rise to number one exporter because we were lazy. We did because we worked hard and elected a hard worker to lead our state. We added more and more of who wanted to step up and serve we the Texans...not themselves. Too bad we haven't sent more to serve us to DC.

Perry once reminded us of what our famous founder, Sam Houston once said..."Texas has yet to learn oppression come from what ever source it may." That is still true today and our freedoms and rights by golly don't fence Texas in! Perry has fought the left so hard to keep us the liberty loving state we are.

I'm interacting with so many political junkie's who think they are engaged this early in the race. The GOP side looks like will have 18 elephants all stampeding for the Presidency. I'm watching all the so called top tier and front runners and wonder what the heck are people and pundits thinking? Are we electing a prom king or queen or a POTUS? By golly we need a dang strong and good one to clean up Obama's wad of a mess we are in. We need a COMMANDER IN CHIEF that will do everything to keep our nation safe and by golly I am so sick of watching these past 61/2 years this weak, turn tail and run so called leader treat our military like they are the same as he is!

I was one of the 2500 who stood there in front of Governor Rick Perry in Dallas when he announced. I saw Taya Kyle, the widow of one of our Texas hero's standing behind Governor Perry...

I saw Captain Dan Moran, retired USMC wounded veteran standing proudly behind too and I have talked with Capt. Dan...he's an honorable man...I saw my friend, Hollywood Producer, Bettina Viviano standing up there behind Governor as well and I know she paid her own plane fare and expenses to get to Dallas. I know many that lined up shoulder to shoulder praying Perry would say, "I'm in!" Many of us are just everyday American's who are very concerned for our children and grandchildren's future and the rest of our days breathing the air or this nation.

I listened to him closely and every word he spoke, I knew he meant with every fiber of his being. Why did I know that? Because, he HAS DONE exactly as he stood there speaking about.

He's walked a very fine line securing our border with not just what made headlines...but for years. He was smart enough to place our Texas National Guard boots on the ground under a title authority that was so perfect, DC could not challenge Texas' doing their job. It was under Governor Perry's Texas job title to keep us as safe as he possibly could but he also did for the entire nation. We want our nation secured...yet we all want some new rock star of our political party to be our next POTUS and HOPE they secure our border and address all these illegals already here?

Oh...but that is another thing. Perry still supports Texas' Dream Act...aka Instate Tuition for Illegals. He said "we don't have a heart." We overlook several things. First of all he was big enough to apologize for such an answer that was more directed at those on the stage that were attacking him...and remember...he did not feel up to snuff standing there either. I am human and by golly I do the same often! I'm big enough to accept the apology. And I'm informed enough to know that Texas passed our Instate Tuition Rate bill twice. We had to revise or be sued because of the way Texas funds higher education. So children of illegals who first of all graduate in the top 10% of their class get the instate rate too, but with A CONDITION! That condition is they ACTIVELY PURSUE FULL US CITIZENSHIP. Therefore, they with their degree's become contributing citizens not to Mexico or where ever but to the US...preferably they will stay in Texas because the jobs are here. They could just go on the welfare rolls or at best get some low paying job and stay in the shadows.

But that's not all the reason Governor Rick Perry supported that LAW and still came to him TWICE...VETO PROOF! It became LAW! We conservatives especially have harped that Obama will not uphold our LAWS! He picks and chooses what he likes and tosses out what he does not. It's a chief executive's job to uphold the laws of our land...yet here is one standing on the Texas Law he had to sign and we beat him up for it? I have to ask, "what are we thinking? Are we even?"

I've watched Perry work with Texas Liberals...oh yeah...we have some doozies. He can negotiate without caving. He can drive a hard bargain because he knows how to. If he gives an inch he will gain a mile. He understands Reagan's saying he would rather get 80% than nothing at all. In fact, I recall when California sent delegates to Austin to meet with Governor Perry to see what Texas was doing right? Michael Reagan had a good chuckle because Perry has carried the Reagan Torch and never dropped it all these years. Perry was not handed it as Newt claimed he was. Perry grabbed hold of that flame and he ran with it.

There are so many reason's why I am steadfast behind Governor Rick Perry that I could write a book. I can defend him on every thing so many conservatives are bashing him for because most generally Perry has always acted in Texans best interest and has stepped up and SERVED our state and nation and has done so honestly and with every fiber of his being. We Texans work hard and we expect those on our payroll to do the very same. By golly Perry never laid in bed or let the grass grow under his feet. He moved Texas ahead. We are no longer all gas, oil and cattle. We have put high octane in our states executive office and I pray we as a nation will do the same.

That Perry car is REAL.

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