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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Liberal's Worst Nightmare!

Last Sunday I woke up early, ready to go have breakfast with my Dad for Father's Day.  I was having my coffee in bed before getting ready to leave while surfing for something to watch on TV.   I ran across "El Chavo del Ocho",  my favorite tv show as a kid.  I was two in 1973 when my parents legally emigrated from Chile, where the Marxist Salvador Allende and his thug goons where on the verge of waging a Communist Revolution.   God Bless General Agusto Pinochete who turned Chile into the first world, free nation it is today.  (link)

El Chavo del Ocho to this day makes me laugh,  it truly is an example of comedic genius.  But what amazed me the most was the commercials I saw in the Spanish speaking TV network, which I haven't even stopped to watch in years.  You see the commercials, all top rate like in the major TV networks, not the 3rd rate stuff they had when I was a child in the late 70's, except for one thing... everyone was white latino, and the family structure was 100% traditional family values.  I kept watching,  just for the commercials, the women all looked awesome, the men looked like real men, and the children all looked great too.   No Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Transgendered or whatever else they have invented now-a-days.

No alternative lifestyles and no pandering.  Except to the majority of the people they are selling the advertised product to.  In other words, nothing like our main stream English speaking TV networks who have been trying to convince us, for the last 20 years,  that the 3% who are Gay are actually a majority.  Their campaign has been so relentless and successful that most millennials erroneously believe 40% to 45% of the population is something other than straight.

I know most Liberals, Progressives, Communists or whatever they are calling themselves these days are banking on Hispanics to overpopulate traditional whites and turn them into an obscure silent minority, and it probably will happen.  But I very much doubt Hispanics will allow themselves to be bullied into having a society where everything goes and all is tolerated and embraced, like anglo saxon Americans did.

Go try to tell a Hispanic man to stop eating "carnitas" or to not display a statue of the Virgin Mary on his car dashboard because it might offend Muslims, I dare you....LOL..... Sometimes you have to be careful with what you wish for.  (Link)

~Al Waisman

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