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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fundamental Transformation

In 2008, five days before the presidential election then candidate Obama uttered the words, "We are five days aways from fundamentally transforming America."

Me being someone who has always liked to inquire I called up a pro Obama friend and asked her what he meant.  She replied, "We need to change, the nation needs to change" I asked, "Change what?  We aren't perfect, but we are the best nation in the world"..... after a long pause, she said "Stop being a racist."  Huh?  This person is white, born and bred here, I on the other hand am Jewish, born in a Hispanic nation, but I am being called a racist because I want to know what exactly Obama means by "Fundamentally Transforming America?"

Flash forward 7 years later;

We now have socialized medicine, the economy is stagnant, racial tensions exist, something my generation, born in the 70's, had never seen.  Our enemies mock us while our allies don't even consider us, anyone can marry whatever they want because being gay is now considered cool and hip.  The Rebel Flag is banned, while the Nazi and Isis flags are ok, we have no political parties anymore, just one ruling class who mocks and laughs at us while we "eat cake," and inquiring for an identification card to vote, like most nations in the world do, is considered "racist" by a population who seems to have lost any comprehension of what racism actually is. And of course, a supreme court which mirrors a legislative body more than it does a court.

I'm not friends with this person anymore, but I sometimes wonder if she still believes "Fundamental Change" was what we needed in what used to be the best nation in the world.

~Al Waisman

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