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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Abortion Tripwire

The Abortion Tripwire:  How many times will we fall for it?

When I first heard of the Center for Medical Progress, and their videos, I thought it was a Democrat front group attempting to dupe the Republicans. It turns out it's no left-wing front group, but it might as well be. I think it is doing enormous damage to Republicans.

The timing could not have been better (enter sarcasm here). Just as the GOP field is being selected, an enormous monkey wrench has been thrown into the works. Getting Republicans to be specific about their anti-abortion stance and womens issues is gold for the Democrats, and gets the Republicans tripping over their own feet; it's an old staple tactic for the Democrats, and quite frankly, it works most of the time. How many times can the Republicans step in the same bear trap, especially when we know it's coming? I guess they may never learn. Like it or not, being specific about your pro-life stance makes about as much political sense as coming out as a polygamist.

So here comes these Center for Medical Progress videos, that appear to clearly show specific illegalities at Planned Parenthood. Now don't get me wrong, these videos are very important; but we need to remember these videos were likely recorded in secret, and therefore are inadmissible as evidence. And then here come the Republicans, charging into the fold, piling on the hand grenade, as if they were saving Private Ryan. The GOP tries to rally, and immediately defund Planned Parenthood on likely inadmissible evidence, and, of course, it fails. I'm sure the Democrats are hoping as many GOPers jump into the carnage as possible.

Let me just say that I know the history of Margaret Sanger, and I think her organization needs to be cut down to size. In order to do this, pro-lifers need to be smart about things, and quit falling for the poisoned red meat. Abortion is legal, and the the two (wonderful) recent additions to the Supreme Court have solidified this position for a long time to come (perhaps forever). Sadly, you can't just call for the carpet bombing of Planned Parenthood. It just isn't going to work. These videos have shined a spotlight on PP, and perhaps is changing public sentiment of the fabled organization, but it's not a knockout blow. It is, however, a golden opportunity to gather momentum and significantly damage PP for some time to come. We can't blow it! We need to be smart, gather evidence, and go after the specific illegalities that have been done. If we use a little 'tact', yes that simple four letter word that conservatives can't seem to grasp, we might be able
to knock Planned Parenthood down a few pegs, and perhaps do so without scrubbing our chances at an election.