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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The RNC Elite Establishment Take Down of Donald Trump!

                                                                                                    (Photo Credit: R/R)

Yes... Trump is a hot head, yes, he isn't politically correct and, yes, he is crude.  And he also represents what America once was.  An America which didn't have a gag over it's mouth.  An America that wasn't afraid to say what it felt or what it saw.  

During Thursday night's debate it was very clear that Fox New's Megyn Kelly, guided, or paid, by the RNC elite establishment, who was "coincidently" having their leadership meetings at the same place the debate was held, was out to end Trump.  Trump being Trump, stepped right into it in an interview Friday night because he always has to have the last word and just couldn't let it go.  

Many of us who support Trump see him as what might very well be the last hope of getting back the America that was America, not the "Wimpy America" of today.  But in all honesty all us peons can pretty much do at this point is to sit back and enjoy watching how that same elite establishment take out each candidate one by one.   Until we are left with Pro Amnesty, Pro Common Core Jeb Bush as our only option, forcing most of the right to stay home or vote 3rd party/write in, hence bringing forth a 3rd straight Democratic Presidential win.

Bravo RNC, Bravo!!!!

~Al Waisman

Update 8/10/2013:  Reports of the implosion of Trump were greatly exaggerated: