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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wide Awake!

I come to you today a humbled man.  I never claimed to be bright nor all knowing, although I am loyal, sometimes to a fault.  As most of my regular readers already know, I spent 8 years inside the fraternity called "GOP," and had been warned, but foolishly, or because according to elitist political hacks I am a narcissist,  thought there was no way they can ever do this to me considering all the battle scars I had earned being a GOP peon, without as much as a pat on the back nor a thank you.  

I never really saw, or wanted to see, how vicious the Republican establishment could really be.   Sure, I saw how myself, and countless others, were treated, used and discarded.   They knew there were many more naive peons behind us ready to take over if we wouldn't fall in line with their highly questionable ludicrous self benefiting agendas.  The same people who when we were "useful," were very nice, to the point of even promising things they never dreamed of, nor cared to ever fulfill, now have taken serious issues with people like myself.  To the point of using Democratic Party tactics by calling us names, belittling us, branding us racists and bigots.  All this in hopes we will submit or better yet, go quietly into the night.

You might ask what our "sin" was this time?  It's being a Donald Trump supporter.  We are now castaways, pariahs. untouchables.... in a cast system that only values forwarding elitist personal agendas and egos, not to mention the personal financial gains of a select few.  

Since their chosen establishment candidate pretty much stinks to high heaven, and doesn't have a prayer of ever winning the general election against any generic Democratic candidate, they feel the need to use Alinsky tactics by attacking those of us who see it and refuse to fall in line praising the loser they have chosen.  How dare we not support their candidates who have lied to us repeatedly?

Ask yourselves, how has electing a record setting GOP majority to the House and Senate helped us common folk?

How dare we not fall in line and support a Pro Amnesty, Pro Common Core hack like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich who put us to sleep every time we hear them speak?  Unless they are jabbering in Spanish to Univision, where they let slip the truth about how weak their so called "Path to Citizenship" plans really are.  Or even Crony Capitalists like Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina?, who talk a great game, but to those of us who have done our research they don't stand up to their own rhetoric. 

You NARCISSISTIC, yes, ELITIST NARCISSISTIC BASTARDS in the establishment created Trump by repeatedly lying and then laughing at us folks for being naive and trusting enough that we fell for your bullshit time after time, election after election.  You Elitist Bastards better pray you treat Mr. Trump fairly, because if you piss him off, or if you kick him out of the party, and he runs as a 3rd party candidate, people like myself will go with him, even if it means the end of the rotten to the core, Obama enabling, GOP!

You say we're "angry?" you can bet your country club asses we are.  We aren't just "background noise", as you refer to us.  We aren't your worker bees, peons, fans, henchmen, lackeys, underlings, yes-men, minions, boot lickers nor suck-ups.

We didn't leave the party, the party left us, but today the gig is up, and if you want a fight?   YOU GOT ONE!!


~Al Waisman