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Monday, September 14, 2015

Ben Carson Said He Would’ve ‘Called for Backup’ Instead of Shooting Ferguson’s Mike Brown

Carson apparently didn’t think the ‘Gentle Giant’ got a fair shake
by Brian Hayes | Top Right News
Another day, another bizarre utterance by presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.
Carson, who by all accounts in running behind only GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in the polls, yesterday said that the U.S. needs illegal aliens to do the jobs “Americans won’t” – a position which is indistinguishable from pro-amnesty Jeb Bush, and Barack Obama.
Today, Carson injected himself into the “controversy” over the killing of violent thug….er I mean, “Gentle Giant” Mike Brown of Ferguson, by Officer Darren Wilson in August 2014.
Carson said he would not have shot Brown, but instead have waited for backup.
Um, ok…here’s a few facts for the good doctor:
  • Brown was caught on camera robbing a convenience store (see above)
  • Brown attempted to take Officer Darren Wilson’s gun while he was being questioned(and before he ran off).
  • When Wilson got out of the car, all 300-pounds of Brown charged the police officer in an attempt to hurt/impair/kill.
These facts are from the St. Louis County grand jury, and Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder, both of whom agreed Wilson should have faced no charges.
So what are we missing here, Dr. Carson?
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he probably wouldn’t have used deadly force against Michael Brown, the teenager whose fatal shooting by police Officer Darren Wilson sparked a national debate on race and the role of police.
Carson gave an interview to the Post-Dispatch on Friday afternoon after visiting Ferguson. When asked if he would have shot Brown if he were in Wilson’s shoes, Carson said: “It’s hard to say. I probably, knowing who he was, I probably just would have arrested him.”
Say what? How?
Carson said he would have ‘waited for backup’ before having the altercation.
Huh? How exactly does one wait for backup when a felon nearly twice your weight is wrestling for your gun?
A Justice Department investigation concluded that Wilson had reason to fear for his life and thus couldn’t be prosecuted for fatally shooting the unarmed 18-year-old.
So Carson is to the left of Eric Holder on this? The only people standing there are “Black Lives Matter.”
Earlier in the day, Carson, appearing with Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, told a gathering of reporters that the real issue was how Brown’s body was treated.
“I heard more than one time how the thing that really inflamed the community was the fact that Michael Brown’s body laid out on the street for four hours,” Carson said. “I heard also that people need to learn how to respect authority.”
I just don’t get Carson’s answers, or his basic logical thought process on this one.
If Carson doesn’t get this open-and-shut case, perhaps he isn’t ready to make the tough calls as leader of the free world.