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Thursday, September 24, 2015

California Republican Party 2015 Platform Shenanigans

This past weekend the California Republican Party (CAGOP) had it's 2015 Fall Convention.   I wrote about two separate amendments to the state party platform, one of these I was the first to break here on UnderCover Politics. 

The Leftists within the CAGOP have always been after making the party more "Green" and more "Pro-Choice,"  In a blatant 11th hour move so the small number of true conservatives who haven't been driven out of the party yet don't have time to react and mobilize, they pushed to make the CAGOP more "Illegal Friendly," and strategically removed the words First Amendment from the Religious Freedom platform point.  

The immigration change was an obvious attack on the the Donald Trump candidacy from a convention where even a well respected Republican National Committeeman took a picture pulling a costumed Trump's hair and was arrogant enough to post it on social media.  I have the proof but out of respect to this person I rather not publish it. 

In closing I have to say I have been honored by the many thank you messages and telephone calls I have gotten from political friends and foes alike for sounding the alarm, while so many so called professional bloggers and journalists, even those who in the past have been, or at least have claimed to be on our side in the fight to stop the leftists in the CAGOP from taking over the party bit by bit, have sided with the these people by trying to fool people by writing about how "Conservative" the new platform wording is.   

Repeating it over and over again won't make it true folks......... 

~ Al Waisman (blogger who has a day job)