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Friday, September 18, 2015

California Republican Party Platform Shenanigans "FINAL UPDATE"

This weekend the California Republican Party is having it's Fall State Convention.  Although we were hoping for no Liberal RINO shenanigans, I am starting to get chatter on the fact that the leftists will be in full force to try to reform our party state platform when it comes to the wording of Immigration.

This proposal was written by Marcelino Valdez, who is chair of the Central District CAGOP and submitted to the Amendment committee by the Sept 4th deadline for additional proposed changed to be voted on this weekend before presenting to the general body for a vote. The process has been changed so that the Convention will vote on it Sunday and not at the Spring Convention which was the previous procedure.

The red ink is the original platform, black ink is new wording, underlined will remain, that with the lines drawn through it will be removed, which is the most concerning part of this blatant move to soften the language. 

Update:  I was just notified that this sham to make the California Republican Party more pro-amnesty has passed the platform committee by a vote of 74-24

Update: I was just sent a copy of the new Immigration Language:

FINAL UPDATE:  New platform has been adopted.. the CAGOP tent is officially big enough to include Democrats.