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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Obama Inc. Prepares To Finalize $100 BILLION PER YEAR Global Climate Change Operation

The sitting president is said to already have one foot happily out of the door of the White House as he and longtime cohort Valerie Jarrett continue preparing for what will be a global post-presidential machine that will make the hundred million dollar Clinton Initiative look like a 25-cent neighborhood lemonade stand. Foremost among this “Obama-World” operation is a $100 BILLION PER YEAR climate change operation that Barack Obama will use as the foundation to continue building an international brand that is to be a joint operation between himself, Valerie Jarrett, and a “New” United Nations…

In December of this year international representatives are meeting in Paris to begin talks of a $100 billion dollar per year mitigation plan to be paid by developed nations to undeveloped nations to help fight the manufactured crisis that is climate change.
While many within the U.S. government have indicated an unwillingness to go along with such an agreement, that same agreement is said to have strong support from both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett has already hinted that the climate change issue will be “first up” come 2016. So too will the administration’s “unprecedented” work with United Nations officials in seeing the United States deferring much of its economic sovereignty to that of a newly created international climate change body – a NEW UNITED NATIONS.
Barack Obama is to be the public face for renewed efforts on not only climate change, but an international gun treaty, immigration reform, and resource allocation initiatives, among other plans.
For now though, it is the climate change issue that is front and center as that is the result of years of political and media manipulations that is to culminate in the $100 billion-plus per year agreement. Much of the work has already been done in 2013 in what was a largely unreported effort that resulted in what was titled, the Warsaw Mechanism – an international mechanism intended to place compensatory amounts from losses and damages created by developed nations. The United States economy remains the number one target of this plan, and the Obama administration quietly worked behind the scenes in 2013 to see its passage complete.
COP19 in Warsaw :Todd Stern, United States Special Envoy for Climate Change

ABOVE: Todd Stern was the Obama administration’s special envoy to the international climate talks in 2013 that resulted in the Warsaw Mechanism. Stern was integral to guiding those talks into what was described by the far-Left, George Soros-funded Center for American Progress with the following headline:
“Warsaw Climate Talks End with Foundation for a Global Agreement”
The initial negotiations for the $100 billion per year climate change compensation fund took place in 2009 – shortly after Barack Obama took office. Now that same $100 billion per year climate change compensation fund is being prepared to launch by 2020, just a few short years after Barack Obama leaves the White House, and fund supporters (with strong ties to the Obama administration) are already hinting that the $100 billion per year won’t be enough and should be substantially increased.
Most frightening is Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s push to make said agreement legally binding upon the American government, something the administration is working upon very hard at this moment to see finalized before Barack Obama’s time as president is concluded.
Just last month, the Obama White House unveiled what media-friendly organizations described as a, major climate change proposal.” The focus of this proposal was to greatly enhance the authoritative powers of the EPA. The EPA will then be joined with the now pending international climate change agreement, thus providing the administration the “legal binder” to make the president’s national climate change plan an international one that he will then act as primary supervisor of.
President Obama’s “major climate change proposal” was then followed up by a much-publicized trip to Alaska meant to reinforce his efforts to further his anti-climate change agenda.
The culmination of that agenda is the international agreement for a $100 billion-plus per year climate change compensation fund of which one Barack Hussein Obama will act as the international supervisor of.