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Monday, September 21, 2015

Religious Freedom, First Amendment, CAGOP Platform and more Left Wing Shenanigans!

There was another change to the California Republican Party Platform which I found very odd at this past weekend's convention.  Religious Freedom.

I couldn't understand why the Democrat wing of the Republican Party would want to change how the party deals with freedom of religion, but knowing them I knew their intentions couldn't be positive for the citizens of California. 

This is the leftist proposed amendment and the one which was adopted. 

I couldn't understand why they wanted to change it in the first place, so I did a little more research and asked people who were on the committee themselves.   As it turns out there was another proposed amendment the leftists wanted to desperately stop and which hardly anyone even knew about.

Notice how the top one strategically removes the words "First Amendment?" 

You be the judge as to which of the two promotes real Freedom and Liberty.