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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I'm a huge Facebook fan, and spend countless hours meeting new people and socializing on your site.  Through a Facebook friend, I was introduced to someone who works at your company.  We have become what I consider pretty good friends, to the point where he invited me to have lunch with him and to give me a tour of the whole campus, both the original campus and the new, building 20.    Both are very impressive structures, with every amenity anyone could ever dream of, even a dentist and doctor on site.  WOW.

I could tell how much your employees, including my friend, love working for Facebook.  And how couldn't they?, the whole place shouts out generosity and the work environment is second to none I have ever witnessed before.   It really shows you are a great CEO, who cares deeply for his employees.  You have created a company anyone would feel highly privileged to work for, including myself, whom that same day came home to look for job openings in your company but quickly saw I didn't possess the education needed.  That's not your fault in any way, matter nor form, I blame myself 100%.  When I dropped out of college I knew I would probably be faced with a lot of that during my lifetime.

Which brings me to my reason for writing to you;  Since you are a big proponent of legalizing the "undocumented" and increasing H1-B Visas my question to you is, and I ask this with the utmost respect;  Why does such a generous man as yourself ignore the 51% of people currently living in the US who don't even make over 30k a year?  Why do you not see the plight those of us who do not have the education needed to work for a company such as yours would produce letting even more "undocumented" immigrants in, and legalizing the current uncertain number of undocumented currently in this country?  Visiting your company I saw how much you care about your employee's well being and quality of work environment, but why don't you care about all of us fellow Americans who struggle day to day just to make ends meet, those of us who just aren't qualified to work for a wonderful company such as yours?

My wife and I have owned a, what I refer to "Micro Business," selling products on eBay for the last 18 years.  Although we were very well off pre 2010,  we now spend most of our time just working twice as hard to make half as much as we made pre 2010.   Being a small business owner with only "some college" under my belt has always made me realize that I am just a step away from flipping burgers at the local fast food joint.  If we legalize, and keep letting unskilled, low wage workers, into this nation, I won't even have that flimsy safety net available to me anymore.  And I refuse to take money from my fellow taxpayers, which is why we live without healthcare after the doubling of our insurance premium once the "Affordable Healthcare Act" went into effect.

I keep hearing we need "undocumented workers" legalized because they will fix our economy.  I have no idea how that can be since they are people who decided to illegally entered our country instead of fighting to fix their own economy.  I don't see how these people will make my life any better since they already have proven not to be strong enough to fix their own lives, in their own countries of origin.

I am an immigrant myself, my parents brought me to this great nation in 1973, when I was 2.  They came in through the FRONT DOOR, legally.  Why were the laws good enough for them to come in but now, 42 years later, all of a sudden the laws which we don't even bother to enforce anymore, aren't good enough for people who just want to cut in line.  No other nation in the world would stand for this, not my birth nation of Chile and specially not Mexico, who has immigration laws which I consider very racist and bigoted.

Instead of wasting all that money, time and effort trying to coerce politicians into fighting for citizens of other nations, and working with sites like, wouldn't it be better if companies, like Facebook, had training facilities to train Americans, like myself, in the jobs they need performed but can't seem to find qualified workers for?  Maybe in exchange for working for said company for a predetermined number of years at a lower wage?

I know those of us who live in Silicon Valley live in a bubble, where we don't see many people who are middle class and below, but trust me, we are here, we just don't like to show it.

Warmest Regards,

Al Waisman