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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Lobotomizing of Conservatives at the California Republican Fall Convention

I have no clue what happened at the California Republican Party's Fall Convention this year.  I saw staunch life long conservatives enter the Anaheim Marriott on Friday, but what came out on Sunday was something I could have never dreamed of ever seeing.  It's like they are under a spell from the Democrats in the party, to the point of trying to convince us that the new platform language is "Conservative."   UMMMMM.... NO, IT'S NOT

As I have written before, they changed wording on two major points in the Republican Platform:

Immigration   Religious Freedom

The sad truth here is that the CAGOP has been overrun by Democrats for years.  From it's grassroots, to it's paid hacks all the way to it's leadership.  That's the main reason why the GOP is dead in California.  Their only recent claim to fame is avoiding a supermajority, and boy do they ever milk that one.  

Apparently now they have managed a way to pay off the Conservatives into trying to sell us, peons, a bag of goods, which is rotten, and will give way to even more changes in 4 more years. 

The San Mateo Republican Central committee, which has been under Democrat control since 2011, at least was honest enough to let the truth slip in their monthly email.

To Be Continued..... Stay tuned......