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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Phone Call That Gave Me Hope!

This past Saturday I received a message from a former California Republican candidate saying she wanted to talk to me.  Like I always say, whenever I'm free doing nothing no one ever wants to talk to me, but the moment I'm busy running errands I am the most popular guy in the world. LOL

I replied with a message saying I would call her back in a few minutes.  After having a quick father son lunch with my Dad, I managed to free myself a bit from my multiple errands I needed to run and return her call.

I call her and although this person is extremely well liked in political circles, not to mention extremely successful in both her professional and private life.  The person who answered the phone wasn't a snob, egomaniac, nor an elitist, like most successful people in the political arena are.  She was a person who wanted to just talk about what we can do to win the White House in 2016.  Although I had met this person before, but never spoken even one word to her other than "Nice to meet you" and "Good luck in your race,"  she honestly wanted to listen to what I had to say and how I felt about current events in the party, state and nation.

This particular person was an excellent candidate, and those who know me know I don't say this about a candidate very often, maybe even too good for California.  But the sad part was that when I mentioned to her how I felt about her as a candidate her reply broke my heart.  "I can't run and put my family through the hell that the Democratic Machine would have me go through" was her reply.  At that very moment she summed up why we can't seem to get good, honest and decent people in government.

I love to text but I am not a huge fan of actually talking on the phone, but after a whole 2 hours, and having my 7 year old niece and 5 year old nephew competing for my attention while we talked away.  I came to consider this person a friend, and those who know me also know I don't say that often.  In those 2 hours we talked about growing up in the 80's, politics, music and yes, presidential candidates.

I will admit that whenever someone from the political scene calls me these days I get very suspicious and wonder who sent that caller to dial my number.   Since during the 2014 election cycle I even had a candidate call me to try to offer me "business contacts," which would make me rich beyond belief.  If I were only to just keep quiet about whatever indiscretion I dug up on them. I politely listen, marveling at how low they will go and how their arrogance makes them believe I actually bought into their promises.  Of course I hang up the phone to merely laugh my ass off seeing how concerned they are about me blowing the whistle on the truth.  

Because of my anti-establishment reputation within the CAGOP, I won't mention who this person is, but I have to thank her for restoring some hope in the California Republican scene.  There are good people here, problem is they get scared away by the less than desirables on both sides of the aisle, and rightly so.

I know I always put down the California Republican political scene, and rightly so, but once in a while someone comes along that renews my faith.  Not enough to get back into the game so the powers that be, at least for the foreseeable future, can continue to rest easy.  This debacle the elite establishment has created in California will continue to be all yours.  

~Al Waisman