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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Open Letter To: Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham, Hannity, Savage, et al…

We Remember Mississippi 2014!


Dear: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and those of your similar professional circle.
After the fiasco that was Mitt Romney, for over two years each of you -at one point or another- have called for the broader conservative electorate, the generalized “right” or “center-right”to unite in support behind one candidate who can defeat the leftist advancement and larger progressive agenda.
While railing at “drive-bys“, “corporate interests“, “manufactured politics” and various catch phrases, you have engaged a national audience and delivered opinion.
Did you actually mean it ?
.… Or was that all BULLSHIT ?
Because for the past six months a Republican front-runner has not only emerged, but has worked his ass off to earn the massive support he holds.
Have you noticed a campaign rally for Ted Cruz with 10,000+ in attendance?  Have you seen Democrats switching parties just so they can support Marco Rubio?  Are there grass roots websites helping Jeb-Democrats to register as primary supporting Republicans?
See the point?
Have you noticed another, as in “any other” candidate, willing to put his butt on the line to unapologetically discuss, advocate and advance the same issues important to your audience?
For six months only one candidate has waged war, when needed, against a corrupt industrial media complex in order to insure the delivery of his message, our message.
Only one candidate has pushed forward against the strongest adversaries in the media -forcing them to engage in policies, platforms and issue discussion they would never allow- and never backing down, always forward.
For six months only one candidate has put his entire brand, reputation, financials and honor at risk – with zero self-benefit as an outcome of the effort.   For six months one candidate has campaigned for the most support, generated the most excitement and coalesced the largest base.
One candidate.  Working exhaustively.
Have you seen another candidate with polling showing such diversity in support?  Have you seen 25%-40% black support for Cruz, or Rubio, or Jeb?  Does anyone else carry such a consequential broad base?
No, and no you haven’t.
Have you seen any other candidate lead the polls amid 18-32 year-olds with such dominance?
Have you seen another candidate hold so many campaign rallies in all of the important states?  … with packed audiences? …with filled arenas?  ….. with thousands-upon-thousands in attendance?  …day-after-day-after day, often in the same week?
Have you seen another candidate’s audience response so committed, so engaged, so enthusiastic?
No, no you haven’t.
Have you seen any other candidate directly align with the principles and positions of the majority of the patriotic working class, the middle class, The American Class?
Have you seen any other candidate willing to take on Tom Donohue and the parasitic U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is no longer representing national best interests but promoting ‘globalist’ best interests ?
No, no you haven’t.
Have you seen any other candidate who is not beholding to the financial corporate interests of Wall Street?
Have you noticed any other candidate with such overwhelming real and grass-roots financial support from “Main Street”?
No, being honest with yourself, you haven’t noticed that either.
So what is it exactly you are advocating for.   You advocated for a specific action – for center-right Americans to come together and support a single candidate.  These words were spoken by each of you, repeatedly, over the broadcast airways for the past several years.
These are YOUR WORDS, not ours – YOURS.
While “coming together” we have been ridiculed, marginalized, assaulted, called names, belittled, disregarded, attacked, besmirched and ignored.  We battled through, and retained our assembly.
So here we stand.  Millions of us – right here in a big, broad, united group; the largest single mass of people in the entire center-right country; standing directly in front of you, just like you asked; and we have selected our candidate.
As we stand here staring directly at you, we present a single question:


We are currently tuned-in, reading, watching, and listening to the various punditry saying the Republican Party is now collectively engaged in destroying the person we support and have outlined above.
We’ve done our part.  Now it’s time for YOU to put your effort where your mouth was – put every single one of those Republican Donors and Operatives on notice….
Or, was everything you said previously – just BULLSHIT?
Please advise.
Warmest regards,