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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The French

When I first saw the breaking news and the devastation in Paris this past Friday, my heart sank.  It reminded me of that infamous morning of 9/11/2001.  

No nation deserves this, but let me state a few facts on how France has contributed to the appeasement of these savages. 

Lets take a look some at of the actions the French government has taken to enable Muslim Terrorists.... yes, Muslim Terrorists.

1: In 1986 when Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya, after countless lives were lost to their state sponsored terrorism.  The French  didn't allow American fighter planes to pass through French air space so they had to go around and risk being seen on radar not to mention adding 2,600 total nautical miles to the journey from England and back.

2: They tried to impede and soften every step the George W. Bush administration tried to take against Muslim Terrorists after 9/11, but helped Obama and his cronies tear down a stable Libya. 

3: They have voted yes on every anti Semitic and hateful resolution against the state of Israel by the UN. 

4: In a non-biding vote in 2014 French parliament voted, by a vote of 339 to 151, to recognize the state of Palestine.

5: In 2015  France began discussions in a U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution that would set out the steps for a negotiated 'end of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land" and a solution to the nearly 70-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This isn't the first time they have tried this.

Palestinians Celebrate the Paris Massacres:

So France, after living through what has become a normal occurrence in Israel, will you continue to stand with the savages, or will you stand with Israel for once? 

~Al Waisman