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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Well Deserved End of the Republican Party!

We've told them we want less government spending... they ignored us... We've told them we wanted less government intervention... they ignored us... We've told them we wanted our borders secured... they ignored us...  We've told them we want to keep American Jobs in the USA... they ignored us...  We've pleaded with them that we want a right of Moderate candidate... they ignored us, and we were told "You better vote for what we give you, or else."

Today we have two hugely popular outsider candidates,  Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.   So what does the severely out of touch Elite GOP Establishment do?  They tell us we are ignorant, bigots, racists or just plainly, that there is something wrong with us.... NOT THEM, us.   We are the problem here. 

For once, We The People are telling the Elite GOP Establishment who we want.  They respond by saying, we will support and vote for the Democrat nominee instead, or we will mount a 3rd party run putting an end the GOP.  News flash, the GOP is already no more... you people in the establishment, out to enrich yourselves while the rest of us eat cake, killed it.   

Now here is my question for the Elite GOP Establishment.  If you can't even run an already established party, how on earth will you ever be able to run a new party formed by the same guidelines you used to kill the GOP?

Now that I come to think of it, maybe it is a good idea you form your own party and leave the party of Lincoln and Reagan to us.  Who knows, maybe if the party is run by people who aren't self serving elitists bastards, it might be able to reach the splendor the party of Lincoln truly deserves. 

~ Al Waisman