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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Did Ted Cruz Lie to Win Iowa? Report From This Carson Staffer With Inside Iowa Info

Full Disclosure – I work for pay for Dr Ben Carson in Nevada.
While I was thrilled to see that Donald Trump was derailed in Iowa last night, the victory is tainted. It is impossible to determine if Ted Cruz’ behavior was a deciding factor and if some of the amazing surge of Marco Rubio, who nearly caught Trump for Second Place, came at our expense as well.
That said – let’s start the timeline.  At 4:48 PM CNN “Broke” a story  about Dr Carson announcing the PREVIOUS DAY, (So, note the timing of what CNN did) that he was leaving for Florida to get a “change of clothes” and to spend time with his family. Then he said he was going to the National Day of Prayer breakfast and THEN going back to New Hampshire and South Carolina.
CNN wrote a story giving an implication that Carson may have been considering dropping out. Having been instrumental in hiring staff and placing thousands in radio buys, I personally know firsthand this is patently false.
Team Carson can only assume that CNN did this because their overt bias for Trump has been obvious for months. We can only conclude that their nexus was that they believe that Carson is pulling anti-establishment votes away from Trump.
Enter the local media. WLS from Chicago, a 50,000 watt flame thrower of a station was reporting “unconfirmed rumors of Carson dropping out” at 5:15 PM. They also updated their story with comments from Ryan Rhodes the Carson Iowa director that the rumors were patently false.
The local media in Iowa ran the same story, featuring the comments of Ryan Rhodes, as confirmed by sources on the ground around 5:30.
Enter Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
Around 6:30 pm the following was sent from one of Ted Cruz’ Mailchimp accounts that was known to be used for volunteer communications:

As you will see that Team Cruz made it clear that they were going to roll with the rumored drop out as a statement of fact.
Further, according to sources on the ground in Iowa Caucuses, there was a disparity of the drill run by Rubio versus Cruz.
The Rubio team was simply repeating the CNN story without drawing a conclusion. These things are common drills you run in a campaign.
However, the Cruz crew were telling people, “Carson is dropping out, you evangelicals need to vote for us”.
It is impossible to tell how many votes this cost Dr. Carson, but the Cruz team’s assertions were a flat out lie, versus Rubio’s team that were parroting the Trump-Supporting CNN News story.
It was a bad night for Trump – he missed the RCP average by almost 7 points. His margin of loss was almost 8 points different than the projected margin of victory.
The win for Ted Cruz is going to ring hollow, however because of this drill his team ran. It was unethical. It also proves that the American Media is equally as corrupt as the timing of the CNN story and tweets could not have been an accident.
We sincerely hope any Cruz supporters reconsider their support of Ted Cruz, as Team Carson is praying for Ted Cruz that he recovers his integrity enough to return to the US Senate.

P.S. We are continuing, as strong as we have even been as I typed this blog from Carson’s Team Nevada HQ with people already here making phone bank calls.
P.P.S. to those that think Ben Carson is too “mild”, a tiger has just been unleashed. Get ready.

~Aaron F. Park
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