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Friday, February 19, 2016

FBI vs. Apple

Since I've been a huge Apple FanBoy since the age of 14, I have been trying to keep quiet about this issue until I gathered enough information about what really is going on between Apple and the FBI.  So I can form an educated opinion as to why Apple is refusing to unlock the San Bernardino Islamic Terrorists iPhone instead of just unlocking it like they have done so many times before for law enforcement. 

From what I understand once Apple set up the fingerprint software and Apple Pay encryption for newer iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, unlocking isn't an easy feat anymore.  The only way to unlock one is to create a software aimed strictly at doing so, one that Apple hasn't, and rightly so, refuses to create.  

Keep in mind that once that software is out there, it's never going away.  

Today it will be used to unlock a Scumbag Islamic Terrorist's phone, tomorrow it will be used on a Tea Party member's phone to see who his contacts are in order to have the IRS harass each and every one of them.    

Is this really the price we want to pay for security?

I have a novel idea for the Federal Government.  How about instead we stop these people at the front door?  These two scumbags were let in legally and no one even took the time to notice the "Bride's" stated home address on her visa papers was nonexistent.   

Hey Feds, please stop trying to blame Apple for your ineptitude in the name of Political Correctness. 

~Al Waisman