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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Wake Up Call to Parents....

No.  This wake up call isn't because there is a recall on a car seat, toy or some bullshit article from a fraudulent  website or actor who didn't even finish the 8th grade, making scientifically disputed claims about how bad GMO's or Vaccines are.   

This is about indifference.  The indifference or outright hostility I get from "parents" who are inconvenienced or bothered by the number of my political posts on social media or articles on my blog, or even my active political activism.  

Constantly I hear from Generation X (my own generation), and below, "You post too much politics on social media and I don't want to be bothered by it".  My question to you is "WHY DON'T YOU?"   

My wife and I don't have kids.  Our lives are set and fairly comfortable.  If we are lucky we are at the halfway point in our lives, and no matter what happens to this nation in the end, all cemetaries are the same.  

We have no reason to worry.  It's those little spoiled brats you popped out who will have to suffer the consequences of your indifference.  

It's them who will ask you, "You had it all, why did you give it all away?"   "Why was it more important to know every sport team score rather than to know who were the very people you voted in to represent you?"  "Why can't I have the nice things you had because I'm stuck paying the debt you racked up because you were too damn fat and lazy to get a job and buy your own god damn birth control pills?"  

Your children won't give a crap who won the Superbowl, or World Series in 2003, but they will want to know why they are in debt since the day they were born.  

I know I'll probably lose friends over this, but good riddance, you are too damn stupid to be considered a friend of mine and I'm ashamed to call you one.  

~ Al Waisman