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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CNN Contributor Amanda Carpenter Creates Blackball List To Intimidate Trump Supporters

Amanda Carpenter, a Ted Cruz shill, has been up to some dirty tricks.  In an unethical move that could only be meant to deter and intimidate supporters of Trump, Amanda has created a list of untouchables that should be shunned and shamed for endorsing the potential POTUS-to-be. In usual fashion, I archived everything of import prior to lobbing some not-so-witty banter in her direction in hopes that she would try to delete her tweets. After all, the typical Cruz shill cover-up is to delete and lie.
As of this report, Amanda has deleted one of her more hypocritical comments. We’ll get to that. Let’s first hear from Amanda about why she chose to do this:Carpenter.png
Basically she wants to call into scrutiny everyone that disagrees with Glenn Beck’s belief that Ted Cruz is the savior of the Mormon Church.
Psssst! Amanda, Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb.
This sounds creepily vindictive. God forbid people disagree with her holier-than-thou opinion. I really doubt she’d appreciate us holding this over her head in kind. But this isn’t something that conservatives are known for, don’t we abhor punishment for wrongthink?SecretPolice.png
Oh well thankfully Amanda is here to save the day. If conservatives won’t silence Trump she will silence the conservatives that support him. How nobly and Stasi-like of you.
Free to do it.png
They sure are Amanda! And, I guess you are free to draft up proscription lists too–it wouldn’t be the first time. And I’m not saying that you’re out to kill anyone like Octavian, either: fgds.png
Now its worth noting in fairness that Amanda’s little list only includes politicians (at this time) that will never take notice of it in their busy schedules– but the intention of the list is what is most troublesome. Its a dark and twisted precedent to set. Its a way to intimidate pundits, social media leaders, power-brokers, members of new media, and all those that might otherwise participate in what Amanda believes to be “wrongthink.”
Sure, Amanda isn’t killing anyone, but she is sending a clear message: “If you don’t follow in goosestep with the #NeverTrump Elitist Pravda, you’re dead to me.”
I don’t want to permanently shame Amanda, but I want to call attention to this gross display of a superiority-complex. Her behavior is unbecoming of a conservative journalist and anyone with an attitude like that belongs in the progressive’s camp.