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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GOP: Burning Down the House, on Purpose?

The establishment GOP seems to be in its death throws. It appears to have abandoned any pretense of backing a front runner, and have lined up the remaining candidates in a phalanx to stop Donald Trump. It reminds me of the Empire of Japan, sending suicide planes and balloon bombs in desperation to slow their inevitable fate. They seem perfectly satisfied possibly damaging their future forever in one last ditch effort to keep their country club status quo.


By not backing Trump or Cruz, as well as bringing Romney out of the mothball fleet to campaign with Kasich, shows clear desperation and strife within the Republican Party. Since Trump is viewed as a leper, you would think Cruz would be a reasonable alternative, at this point. With less than 100 delegates behind Trump, Cruz still has an outside chance to beat Trump, especially if Trump has some gaffs. At the very least, Cruz could produce a respectable showing in the primaries, and give the GOP insiders some credibility, if they all get behind him. And if Trump ends up being the charlatan they think he is, Cruz will be well positioned in 2020 and beyond to win in future elections. But in the warped paradigm of the GOP, power rules over future every time.


Instead, the GOP will send all of its warriors, young and old, to dog pile on the bonfire, in display of defiance over the will of the peon voters. For if you want to vote for Trump or Cruz, they will sacrifice all of the candidates and give you the choice of none of them. For just when you think you think you are winning a game of chess against your big, bully brother, he dumps the chess board in your lap. Yes folks, the GOP sure knows how to pick ‘em.



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