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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Late Breaking News: Source Inside Cruz Campaign: “Ted May Have Had Affairs” Reports Radio Host

bryan crabtree says a source inside the ted cruz campaign says cruz may have had affairs

The Ted Cruz sex scandal keeps growing.  The National Enquirer published their story on March 23rd and new details seem to emerge everyday.  The first stage was to try and ignore it.  But then Liz Mair, head of the Super-Pac that produced the controversial ads slamming Melania Trump, outed 2 of Cruz’s alleged mistresses whose pixelated pictures appeared in the Enquirer.
After having their identities revealed on Twitter by Mair, Amanda Carpenter (former Cruz Communications Director, now CNN contributor) and Katrina Pierson (former Cruz staffer, now a Trump spokeswoman) both denied the affairs.  And Ted Cruz rushed to a podium and accused Donald Trump and “his henchman” Roger Stone of planting the story.  The Enquirer denied this.
Cruz Sex Story Came From GOP Elites
But it turns out that the Cruz sex story originally came from GOP insiders affiliated with the Rubio campaign.   Republican operatives had apparently been peddling the story to the New York Times, the Washington PostBloomberg News, and others.   Once Rubio dropped out, those operatives were less interested in the story and rushed to delete tweets and backpedal as fast they could.
But the internet never forgets.  And neither do the journalists they told about the story.  They don’t forget what you told them and they certainly don’t forget about the video that reports say you showed them.  So even though this story has been public for a short time, it has been circulating in political and journalistic circles for a month or more. And ultimately nobody really cares where it came from – they just want to know if it’s true.  Did Cruz have one or more extramarital affairs?

Source “Deep Inside” Cruz Campaign

Atlanta radio host Bryan Crabtree is now reporting that Senator Cruz may have had affairs according to a source he calls “deep inside” the Cruz campaign.  He goes on to report that Heidi Cruz wants an all-male campaign staff.  Mr. Crabtree broke this news in the tweet below.
Crabtree is a host on Atlanta’s Biz1190 and on AM920.

Let’s remember that while the 2 women outed by Liz Mair have denied the allegations, the other 3 have remained silent.   And that when Cruz accused Donald Trump of planting the story, the Enquirer immediately denied Trump’s involvement.  And then we found out that it was actually people associated with the Rubio campaign that were behind the story and that they had been telling the Cruz sex story to anyone who would listen for at least a month.  Now comes the report from Crabtree.
This story continues to grow.   Unfortunately for Senator Cruz, a simple denial and an attempt to blame Donald Trump is not going to make it go away.
Update:  recently resigned Breitbart Reporter Ben Shapiro had this story and sat on it for 6 months while at Breitbart.