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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ron Nehring, Cruz' Pro-Amnesty, Illegal Hiring National CampaignSpokesman!

As many of you are aware of the controversy that erupted over the hiring of Ron Nehring by Ted Cruz and his history of hiring people with expired visas. There is more to the story as I worked very closely with Former California Republican Chairman Ron Nehring during his run for Lt Governor here in California, all the way up until the primaries in early June of 2014. 
As sometimes happens on social media, I got into an argument online with the president of a pro-amnesty lobby group "Cafe con Leche Republicans."  Basically the president of this group lied about how "impossible" it is to get a "Spouse Visa" to come to this country.   I had to get a spouse visa myself after I married my wife abroad 20 years ago.  It was no issue whatsoever, and you can verify my claim just by looking at the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack.

After I called him out on his fabrication, this man's response was to publicly call me a "racist" and a "bigot," although I myself, my wife and my family are immigrants. A few hours later I get a call from Ron Nehring's then "Campaign Manager" asking me what she will do with me since UT San Diego  had called asking about why I went off on this liar. To this date, I am not sure how the newspaper even knew since it all took place in a small Republican Facebook group page and no one knew what my official position was, or even that I had one, within the Nehring statewide campaign.    

Nehring, whom I used to be in constant contact with, was conveniently on a plane to Europe, as usual, when all this happened. In the meantime, I was forced out of the campaign.  

Mr. Nehring never gave me a chance to defend myself and I have been waiting for 2 years for a promised return call. 

Many voters are enraged over the dishonest leadership of the GOP that appear to be willing to go to any lengths to avoid conflict and appear to be nice. This is clearly what Ron Nehring did in my situation – they tossed me aside to placate an open borders immigrant group. 

All that written, I never fully understood what had happened until I saw Cafe con Leche Republicans endorse him for Lt. Governor a few weeks later..... but now I have decided to speak up after reading these articles: 

As Chairman of the California GOP, Nehring was notorious for running away from fights and going to absurd lengths to avoid taking public positions on the issues. I experienced that personally.  

I am also baffled as to why a candidate like Ted Cruz who is battling with Donald Trump for the title of strongest on immigration would hire someone who took such drastic action and received the support of a pro-amnesty group (that supported Marco Rubio until he suspended his campaign).
Mr. Nehring is well-known in California political circles for his Jet-Setting ways, but scant little accomplishment within the State of California.  

Based on my personal experience with Mr. Nehring’s lack of character and his demonstrated record of failure, it is clear that Ted Cruz has once again made a serious error in his choice of staff. 

~Al Waisman