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Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz Cheating Claims: ‘Washington Times’ Writer Says Some Are ‘Accurate’

The April 4 edition of The National Enquirer makes damaging claims about Ted Cruz in a bold, above-the-fold headline. But don’t be so quick to write it off as another silly claim by a silly tabloid. A political columnist for The Washington Times just backed up the story that Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. 
cruz drew johnson
Yes, the very religious Republican presidential candidate had so many affairs and one-night stands that “it’s over for Pervy Ted,” the supermarket tabloid claims.
“Cruz’s 5 Secret Mistresses! Their Shocking Claims!”
“Conservative – Family Man – Evangelical – HYPOCRITE!” 
cruz headline
Claiming unidentified investigators and “political operatives” as sources, the rag claims Cruz had five extramarital affairs, which include women who worked for his campaign and even a high-priced prostitute.
cruz ne spread

These are the five affairs National Enquirer claims to be an “explosive dirt file” on Cruz: 

  • A political consultant who once worked for Cruz, and who now works on another political campaign. 
“’Randy Ted’ supposedly had a romp with her in a closet at a Republican state convention.” 
  • An attorney in Washington, D.C. who worked for Cruz’s U.S. Senate campaign. 
“It’s alleged that Ted hooked up with her at the Republican Capitol Hill Club in a private room.” 
  • A “hot babe” who once worked for one of his political campaigns. 
“The two were caught ‘getting cozy’ on the campaign trail.” 
  • A woman he met while serving another office in Texas. 
“’A very sexy Austin schoolteacher’ who may have had a fling with Ted after he was appointed Texas Solicitor General.” 
  • A very-expensive, $1,000-a-night call girl in D.C. 
“Ted supposedly had it on with a prostitute.” 
The Washington Times’ Drew Johnson says the Enquirer is at least partially correct. He tweeted on March 25 that he personally knows of two of those five affairs.

Even without Johnson’s defense of the story, remember that it was this same National Enquirer that had the scoop on John Edwards’ affair . And that same story crumbled the political campaign of the Democratic presidential wannabe in 2008.
That doesn’t mean that this “bombshell” about “Casanova Cruz” has guaranteed accuracy, of course. But if the tabloid batted one-thousand on Edwards, then a simple two-out-of-five .400 RBI would carry just as much impact.
Will these new rumors affect Cruz’s campaign? A secret source of National Enquirer sure thinks so:
“Cruz’s image as a Christian Family Man is utterly destroyed.” 
The U.S. Senator from Texas currently has 465 delegates in the race to gain Republican Party nomination in the 2016 presidential race. Donald Trump has 739. A minimum of 1,237 delegates are needed to gain the nomination before the national convention, and 944 delegates are still open in upcoming primary elections.