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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump Is Under Attack From Domestic Terrorists…Not Protesters

Donald Trump needs the Secret Service now more than ever.

Donald Trump needs the Secret Service now more than ever.Candidates Blame Trump And His Supporters For Protests

When the Black Lives Matter, George Soros and Bill Ayers funded protesters converged on a Donald Trump rallies in Chicago and Ohio, the other candidates ran to the closest microphone to blame Donald Trump and his supporters.  Instead of sticking to their–so called–Conservative principles and standing up for free speech rights for Donald Trump and his supporters, they instead decided to condemn Trump as the reason for the chaos.  It is an absolute disgrace and should be an immediately disqualify them and at a minimum, destroy their credibility.  When it suits their campaigns, free speech shouldn’t be allowed.  When it suits their campaigns, Black Lives Matter anarchists are totally acceptable.  When it suits their campaigns, the George Soros funded people should be able to do whatever they want.
Billionaire George Soros is essentially the leader of anarchy
Billionaire George Soros is essentially the leader of anarchy
The American people need to dig deep down in their souls and see this for what it is.  With the Republican candidates not only condemning one of their own, they have also condemned the millions of supporters for Donald Trump by taking this position on the campaign trail and through the media.  These anarchists care nothing about free speech and the fact that Republican candidates are sticking up for them while completely ignoring the anger and frustration within their own base—that they created—is a big fat double standard.  It is an elitist attitude to think that free speech only matters when it is politically expedient for them and it is a direct kick in the face to the American voters.  These incidents have done nothing but confirm why I am a Trump supporter and prove why he is needed in the White House.  Obama and his hired socialist thugs have been protesting and strong arming their way across the country and it is time for the other side to have their thoughts and frustrations heard.  Thank God for the Secret Service and I will be voting for Trump if it hair-lips the Pope.