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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Sad State of America....

As a returning college student after 22 years, I still can't believe what happened to my Trump sticker yesterday, while parked on the campus of The College of San Mateo located in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula.

It's a very sad day in America when someone can't park at a college campus without having their property defaced because they share a different opinion than a minuscule amount of thugs who attend it.(Yes, Thugs, that's what you call vandals who want to silence free speech)

Who are these thugs?  

Who raised them?  

What are they being taught?  

Who is teaching them now?

Who is paying them?

Do they believe doing this will change my vote?

These people have no idea what America is, or what she stands for. Or maybe they do but prefer the "Cuban Way." 

Things have definitely changed since I attended there in 1994.  One good thing I learned from these thugs..... I picked my major correctly.... Psychology!  

~Al Waisman 

Update:  My Response.....