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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Today's America!

I remember growing up with Ronald Reagan as my president, Although I didn't agree with him completely, nor make him out to be a God like most conservatives do today, I loved watching him speak, he had a way of making you feel everything was going to be ok by exuding his unwavering optimism and love of nation.  

Never would I have dreamed that 28 years after the Gipper left office, myself, as a self employed 45 year old man and college student, would spend my time working twice as hard, in order to make half as much as I did just 10 short years ago and that I wouldn't be able to afford my health insurance in the wealthiest and most powerful country ever known to man. Not because I don't make enough, but because the government, both parties, one by creating and the other by enabling, took it upon themselves to price me out of the market by creating, and funding, the so called "Affordable Healthcare Act," otherwise known as "Obamacare."  And to add insult to injury they will penalize me for not making enough to pay for the 130% government mandated rate increase for my age bracket. 

The America Reagan spoke about truly is dead, I don't know what this place is anymore, but it's not the shinning city upon a hill.  White guilt, reverse racism, pandering, arrogance, political correctness, laziness, ignorance and degenerate politicians on BOTH sides of the aisles have clearly diminished, if not outright extinguished her "shine", she's only a mere flicker of what she was when Reagan was our Commander In Chief.   

Rest in peace my president, and our shinning city upon a hill.

~Al Waisman