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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Eric Trump Says His Father Will Go After Hillary Clinton Like No One Has Before

By Katrina Manning 
On Monday, Donald Trump's son Eric spoke on the "Fox & Friends" program about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's record. He said there is a "lot of fuzz" on her record, promising his father is "certainly going to go after to it."
He also said, "He's going to go after her in a way that no one's gone after her before. She's already turned her attention to us, which is a great compliment because she's effectively saying he's going to be the nominee. It's going to be an interesting battle between the two of them."
Trump also mocked movie star George Clooney for saying that an "obscene amount of money" was raised through his $353,000-a-plate fundraiser for Clinton. Trump responded, "I was shaking my head. It made no sense. Was that not the most hypocritical statement in the history of statements?"
Moreover, he agreed with his father's complaints about the delegate systems used in Colorado and Wyoming that essentially shut out Trump. He argued, "Here you have a little boys' club and they decide who they want to be commander in chief. We live in America. People get to vote. The fact that my father is millions of votes ahead, yet delegates keep on getting stripped from him, it really is a broken system."
Furthermore, Trump shared that his father will "win big" in New York's primary on Tuesday and upcoming primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.