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Sunday, April 3, 2016

KSFO San Francisco Dumps Glenn Beck, Levin moved to pre-recorded only

4-1-2016 | ShivaFan 

KGO which is basically the affiliated liberal side of the same KSFO – KGO radio family (“sister stations”) is in the middle of massive firings and shakeups. KGO changed their format a long while back, the stalwart of liberal talk didn’t work and their ratings dropped, with the exception of course of the longtime KGO talk host Ronn Owens who does have a dedicated audience and instead he has now moved over to KSFO taking Mark Levin’s slot. Mark Levin has been taken off his current live 3pm to 6pm slot, and instead for now put into a “red hear” (verse red eye) slot in the evening and will only be pre-recorded.

I stopped listening to Mark Levin on KSFO many months ago, his “show” essentially digressed into Levin listening first to Michael Savage, then when Levin would come on the air all he would do is psychotically attack Michael Savage and Levin was really as bad as Glenn Beck as far as bizarre mental fixation and hatreds and jealously, and really that is the exact explanation of when and how Levin jumped on the Ted Cruz bandwagon, besides having family relations as paid operatives of Cruz, Levin was fixated with jealousy of Savage’s tremendous success and huge audience and ratings that as soon as Savage started saying some good things about Trump it was then that Levin jumped on the Cruz sounding board and when Savage started to have Trump call into his show, Levin went totally berserker and became a Cruz wingnut not too far removed from Glenn Beck, the real root cause of Levin’s already cardiac-issue was totally deep-seated in his jealousy of Michael Savage. Of course, Michael Savage, the most popular show on KSFO as far as ratings, maintains his coveted Noon to 3pm slot and it’s huge audience. The morning show 5am to 9am moves Brian Sussman out of the slot, he was a local host in the SF Bay Area. The “sister station” to KSFO was KGO and was bleeding money. KGO total clean house going on, dozens terminated, who knows where the format lands next week. Sussman on KSFO was a great host, but a local host and not national. Not sure who takes this slot, might be a national host.

Glenn Beck has been dumped. Which is fine by me, I haven’t listened to this nut and his religious-mix-political cultism for a long, long time.