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Monday, April 4, 2016

Why being politically purple is the new "Cool!!"

If you ask me, “Are you a Republican or a Democrat?” I would probably calmly reply "I'm currently registered Republican."  But then proceed to say I’m fiscally conservative, pro-small government, rabid pro-second amendment, but also pro-background checks.   While also being compassionate for my fellow man and knowing not everyone has the same opportunities, gifts nor qualifications in order to face life. 
I'm dark purple. Neither Republican, and far from being a Democrat.  I set up shop somewhere in the middle.  Pissing off my Conservative friends with my alleged “abandonment” of my “core values and morals,” and puzzling my Liberal friends who can't comprehend the fact I think "free stuff" doesn’t make fiscal sense or that I just don’t agree with tax policies that heavily tax the richest among us to help pay for the social policies of the less fortunate, the irresponsible or outright lazy.
While the nation is as, or more, polarized than since the days of the "Civil Rights Movement.  Us GenX and Y are a generation who holds the line between worlds.  We remember not always being connected 24/7, we remember being able to meet our loved-ones at the airport gate while also remembering the feeling of having our safety and security ripped out from under us as we saw the World Trade Center towers fall.
We are a generation that either in spite of or because of our collective experiences, have open hearts to all people, to a point of a Barney Fife outright naiveness.

We believe that the government protects the rights and freedoms of everyone who has a legal right to be here, no matter race, religion or sexual orientation.   But other than that... it should stay the hell away from us. 
We believe the government exists to serve the people NOT themselves, and do what is best for us, while at the same time not intruding on our rights and freedoms granted to us by God himself.  Although they hardly ever tend to get that part right.
The two party system has been dying for a while now. And I'm proud to be a part of its downfall.

~Al Waisman