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Monday, August 15, 2016

Adsense Makes No Sense The Robots are taking over.

Earlier this year, one of the most popular gun-related channels, called hickok45 was terminated without notice. He has about 2 million subscribers and he was wiped out! 

No videos, no page, no warning.

Apparently, he violated some rules of Google plus, which is a networking thing Google added a couple years ago. Mr Hickok says he had no idea he was even doing anything with Google plus, but Google plus can start mirroring all of your videos, if you don’t closely pay attention to what you are doing.

Hickok 45 is not one to make political statements, he just does factual, fun reviews on firearms on related equipment. As far as I know, Hickok does not use music or pictures from external sources in his videos. So what rule did he exactly violate? Well, you would have to ask the robot gods at the network, and they aren’t talking. Here are a couple guesses, however: If you have a paid product placement, an you don’t specifically designate that it is a paid product placement, you can get yourself into trouble. Even if you are not ‘paid’ to do the video, but are given or loaned an item for the purpose of making a video can get you in troubled waters too, I believe. Thirdly, your video may be flagged by some internal automated script and nobody knows, and never will know the reason for it. Want some more possible reasons? 

Here’s what a January, 2016 article from says:

“Google ads are not permitted to appear on websites that sell, facilitate, or advocate the sales of weapons or weapon accessories”.

We may never know what rule(s) Hickok supposedly violated. Thankfully, Hickok got his page restored within a week. But Hickok is a big time player and brings in a lot of money to the medium. So how about if you are a little guy? And some people are terminated on the spot and others get a warning. What gives? All I can say is good luck, if you are a smaller player.

Back in April, I made a you tube video called, The government can’t (won’t) stop terrorism. The video was promptly prohibited from being monetized and appears to be nearly frozen at 20 views. I’m not a big time player, mind you, but I still get about 100,000 views a year on my page. I know some of my videos are duds, but the number of views in the past 4 months seems to

be almost impossible. The video has no music or still images from anywhere. It is just a webcam vid of myself yapping about what I feel is the governments actual response to terrorism. So what did I do? Who knows. Thankfully, only that single video appears to be affected, but it could have been worse.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the Google copyright policy. My advice on using music or images on your page? Don’t do it! If you have a big enough page, eventually you are going to get some haters. Anyone can make a copyright claim, without proof. Even if you use royalty free or what you think is pubic domain, someone can come along and claim that they own it or bought it, just to mess with your page. Then you will be guilty until proven innocent. And who knows how long that will take.

~ turk72