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Monday, August 8, 2016

How Google and its Gestapo Agency Adsense Defrauded Me, Three times!

We all know huge internet companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have turned into everything they used to be against when they were created.  But Google is just ridiculous and the worst offender against America and all she stands for at this point.

Let me take you back to Summer of 2010, I have sold apparel online for a living since 2001, using eBay, Poshmark, Bonanza and Amazon.  Most of our sales come from eBay, in June of 2010 sales came to a dead stop.  We weren't sure what actually was happening, we didn't change anything and our inventory was excellent considering we were in the middle of the so called "Obama Summer of Recovery" which, to this day, I would like to meet someone who actually recovered.  

I called a few friends who I know in the industry and they told me, as many news stories stated later, eBay and Google were in an internal conflict and Google had decided to not show eBay items anymore in their browser.  Who loses here? eBay? Google?, NOPE,  the little peon like myself who no one really cares about because I am a "LEGAL" American Citizen and part of the middle class most in the elite despise and spit on us on a daily basis.

Yes, it's the truth, these companies hate Americans and America because it contains us Patriotic Americans, if you doubt me please look up ON BING (not Google which is reputed to be manipulating their search algorithms), H1B visas and Silicon Valley.

Fast forward to 2016:  In 2015 I started a conservative blog site  After multiple tries I was approved for a "Google Adsense" account.  I never made anything in the year I had it, a few pennies a day, nothing big.  One day it one of my older articles went viral and I made $12 in a day... WOW, that can't even pay for one plate of food at any Silicon Valley restaurant these spoiled, overpaid and coddled tech workers eat for breakfast. SMH :/  The day after that I made $20, I was starting to figure Adsense was no scam after all, since I had contemplated removing it all together.  That month I made $104, which qualified me to get a bank transfer.   

Right before the transfer came I got an email stating my account had been disabled because of "invalid activities," but they couldn't tell me what was actually the issue.  

They were gracious enough to send me an "Appeal Form."  How can I appeal if I don't even know what I did wrong in the first place?  Easy, it's not an actual appeal form, the California state law states they have to provide an appeal process which doesn't even exist.

Think about it, how can an attorney defend a criminal without knowing what crime he is being accused of committing?

Well, needless to say I filled out the form, and within 3 hours I received an email reply stating they can't reinstate my account for reasons they can't tell me, and to add insult to injury, my $104 which I raised during the year, was never deposited in my account, nor acknowledged.   

This is called stealing and fraud and in nations which Google loves and looks up, to the penalty is getting your hands severed from your arms.

Months later I, along with a friend of 30 years, created a new blog site that has nothing to do with politics and I was instantly rejected by Adsense, apparently it's not my website or my account that was black listed, it was my name, IP address and home address, like a criminal in the Soviet Union, without any way of righting whatever I did that was found to be against THEIR Laws which only benefit the elite who run Google and Adsense.

After much research online, talking to other people who have been banned and racking my head about what happened, I have a theory.

My website is linked to all my social media accounts, the day my article went viral was the same day I took on a few Black Lives Matter people on Twitter and Facebook, who were advocating for the killing of our police officers.  I was also threatened myself.  Then I thought, maybe these people got together and spent the day clicking on my Adsense ads from one particular IP Address, that would be enough to get me banned since it could be mistaken for me buying clicks online. 

I am also aware that political activists organize “complaint drills”, where multiple people complain about facebook or twitter accounts to get them suspended or deleted. (Think about Milo, who was banned for life from twitter) 

Ask yourselves, why would I, or anyone else who was banned, pay for clicks if we are only getting pennies per click.  Doesn't make sense, but it's a great way to kick off people who don't agree with your political agenda of globalism and anti-Americanism.  It was done in the Soviet Union and it is done in what used to be a "free" internet.  

We truly aren't the America we were the day an uniformed populace decided to give a freshman senator community organizer who has never had a real job a chance at running the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. In today's America, a big corporation can be your judge, jury and executioner without a bat of an eye or even an explanation. They can even go to the point of trying to ruin you if they don't agree with your opinions.  

Shame on you Google and your gestapo tactics.  I would enjoy this while you can, because there is a storm coming, us Americans only tolerate so much until we react, ask the British Monarchy, and sadly huge corporations like yourselves aren't on the winning side of history.  :)

Best way we can combat this for now is using alternative search engines like Bing and installing an Ad Blocker on all your devices.  I installed and have never seen another Adsense ad again.

~ Al Waisman 
~ Edited by Aaron F. Park