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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why I don't care about offending terrorists!

Yesterday I went to a rehab center movie screening for extra credit for my college Drug Addiction class.  Like with most leftist documentaries the movie was a political statement placing the blame for addiction on Nixon, Reagan and Bush... but the people there were good and decent.

One of my classmates, who works for this organization introduced me to the man who runs the whole operation. He is an older black gentleman called Ray who has been clean for 10 years.

After the movie I saw him hanging out with his dog in the parking lot, a beautiful Belgium Sheppard. I walked over to him and asked him about the dog and what her name was. He replied "WeeCee". I laughed "Like The Jeffersons." He replied "No, like my niece whom we used to affectionally call WeeCee, she went down on United flight 93 on 9/11, she was a flight attendant". Needless to say I was floored.

This is why I don't care how we treat terrorists nor do I care about their feelings.

~Al Waisman