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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Tuesday we, as a nation, decide if criminal actions are more offensive than words!

Tuesday we decide if massive criminal corruption is ok!

Tuesday we decide once and for all if Americans prefer "Jobs" or "Free Stuff!"

Tuesday we decide if the main stream media narrative and the voices of anti-American so called "Famous Actors" and "Sports Heroes" are worth more than common sense, goodness and morals!

Tuesday we decide if we'll give the Elite DC Establishment a resounding Fuck You or if it will be business as usual while the American tax payer continues to get stuck with the bill!

Tuesday we decide if the Supreme Court defends the constitution or turns sharp left for the next 40+ years!

Tuesday we decide if morality and the rule of law is something of the past!

Tuesday we decide if people like myself go quietly into the night to live what's left of our lives as best we can while the people who sat around and did nothing for the past decade ask "What happened and why didn't you do anything to stop this?

Tuesday we decide if the silent moral majority will remain silent for at least the next 50 years!

Tuesday we decide if the era of The Greatest Generation and Ronald Reagan is truly dead and buried!

Tuesday we decide if lying, cheating and stealing are traits to be rewarded!

Tuesday we decide if America continues to be America!
                          Tuesday we vote! 

Tuesday we vote, and the choice has never been clearer! 

Some might disagree with me.  But If the most criminally corrupt and crooked person ever to be nominated for President of the United States of America wins, it proves we have lost our once great nation and the brain washed malcontents have indeed won, so there is no point in fighting anymore.   Congratulations, you now fully own it.  Enjoy the ride!   

She, along with her mafia at the DNC, stole the nomination away from Bernie Sanders, a devout Socialist himself who sadly I feel would have won easily.  He ran on a platform of free everything without ever explaining how he would pay for it all.  

No, Bernie Sanders was not an outsider folks, he was a welfare recipient until well into his 40's.  He was lucky enough to be elected into the US Senate over 30 years ago in a backwards state.  Like Hillary Clinton, he never stood out in any way except when he was bribed with a free private jet and 600k beach house into supporting Hillary. 

If a criminal like Hillary Clinton does win I'm fairly certain I'm done with politics.  I just don't see a path forward for what's good, just and decent in America anymore.   

This may very well be my final blog entry because it proves all my blood, sweat and tears wasted during the past decade, while having to deal with less than desirable people in the political arena, was all for nothing.  It was already too late.  

If Trump wins, I will continue to hold him to task just like I did with Bush and Obama.   

But no matter what happens on Tuesday, I'll always remain, as the criminal Hillary Clinton called me, "A Deplorable"

May God Bless the USA
~Al Waisman