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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rabbit Hole

To all my friends who voted for Hillary Clinton!
Hey Libleftprogs, we survived eight long years in the Rabbit Hole.
You can, too!
Just keep these tips handy and refer to them often:

1.) In your Rabbit Hole, turn down the volume whenever you hear him speak! Better yet, turn the TV off entirely.
In your case, you might want to climb out into your yards to grow organic carrots and kale and leave politics to the adults. Some of us used our guns to blow the shite out of the television sets. I don't think that's your M.O., so yeah, get outside, tend to your goats, and get reconnected to Mother Earth, or whatever.

2.) While we found the Rabbit Hole terrifying and strange, you might want to think of it as your Safe Space, since the entire universe has been turned on its head. Take a blankie. And your favorite pillow. Hey, we know. We feel your pain. (I'm kind of laughing, so you need to prepare for a trigger moment.)

3.) Bring along a lot of books to read while you're in the Rabbit Hole. We took books about the Austrian school of economics, biographies of Ronald Reagan, and books about World War II, when evil was identified and named and fought and destroyed.

You might want to take children's books that help you deal with this Strange New World of the Politically Incorrect-- books that help you identify where it hurts. Maybe a doll, so you can point to where it hurts.

3.) While we took wine and whiskey to sip upon when, oh let's see, when Obama turned the White House into a rainbow, or when Hillary lied to America and to the parents of the slain Benghazi men, or when we saw students at once-great universities crying over Halloween costumes, you might want to take....hmmm....just loads of pot. Yeah, that's the ticket.

4.) It's very dark down in the Rabbit Hole, so you might want to invest in a lantern. Unfortunately, you wouldn't have stored incandescent light bulbs, like we did, so your light will be harsh-- kind of like a Soviet-era stairwell-- and it will need batteries, so you'll be adding to the landfill, but these are the sacrifices you'll need to make...because Donald J. Trump is your new president.

5.) You can always have parties in the Rabbit Hole! Our parties were convivial events, where we got together and laughed and laughed at Obama, Hillary, and the entire "progressive" movement.

Unfortunately, you guys don't have a sense of humor, so your parties will be all crying, and doom and gloom. You will need lots of tissues and hugs. *hug* (Again, I'm chuckling...trigger!!!!)

6.) Whatever you do, don't think your stint in the Rabbit Hole will end soon. This is delusional. Just relax, breathe deeply, and soon you will come to terms that President Trump doesn't care about your feelings. We had to do this with Obama and Hillary, especially after Benghazi and terrorist attacks here in the U.S. during Obama's reign. Of course we had to also accept the fact that Obama and Hillary hate America. You only have to accept that your feelings are your own affair. Trump doesn't hate you, despite what media have told you and what you chose to believe. And Trump loves America. But you'll need to come to these realizations on your own, and it requires actual thinking, so assume you'll be sad and deluded for decades to come. Just accept it. *hug*

Those are all the tips I have for 

If I think of any others I'll drop them down your Rabbit Hole.

Good luck! And one final tip: Be very careful if you think beating up a Trump supporter is the way to feel better. You will find that most of us are locked and loaded.

Author Unknown