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Friday, February 24, 2017

New Convention Rules for the Clinically Brain Dead California Republican Party!

Apparently this weekends California Republican Party spring convention in Sacramento California brings us a new rule which has the grassroots up in arms.   

CAGOP "leadership" is claiming that for security reasons only paid CAGOP delegates are allowed into the convention.  This rule isn't just for the General Session on Sunday morning as has always been the case, but now no one other than delegates will be allowed in the lobby area, meetings, events or the hotel itself.  

This means if I were still a Republican and were to be appointed a delegate, as I have been multiple times in the past, my wife wouldn't be able to accompany me to any of the parties or meetings, as she would always do, unless she herself was also a paying delegate.  Which she was once but said never again after saying anyone who puts any time or money into the CAGOP or it's candidates should be diagnosed with an Acute Delusional Disorder with a touch of self loathing.  

Leadership claims this is because of security concerns but I have a different theory.  The leadership in the CAGOP has been trying to rid the party of the grassroots for years now, mostly by always making the convention more and more inaccessible for grassroots activists, which tend to be of modest means, while billionaire trust fund babies get special deals when they buy up full floors at the hotel in order to bribe delegates into voting for their leftist agenda.  

After the election of President Trump they need to rid the party of the grassroots more than ever since most of the said group supported then candidate Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, both of whom are despised by the RINO establishment.  

The CAGOP leadership kissed Candidate Trump's ass after he won the GOP nomination but I actually have in my possession multiple screenshots of people at the highest levels CAGOP leadership on social media calling Trump and his supporters names and belittling them during the primaries.   

Welcome to the California wing of party of Lincoln....... 

~Al Waisman

Update:  It seems the leadership has taken a step back and they are now allowing the grassroots back into the hotel and the convention.