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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Facebook Bias Against Conservatives!

Once Again FaceBook, or FacistBook as us Conservatives call it, have suspended a conservative for defending himself from Liberal Attacks!

The account who reported me is clearly a fake account with a fake name.  Probably paid for by the Globalists and Democrats.  I have had to send FacistBook my ID to prove my identity because I go by Al, with is short for Alberto.  But they can't seem to be able to see this is clearly not this Liberal's last name. 

This Person is clearly using a fake name, you can report her for that:

I have been called racist names in the past and have reported people, only to get a response from FacistBook saying there was no "Rule" broken.   Has anyone ever seen the so called "Rule Book?"

And to add insult to injury they also block your access to the app they force you to use, "Facebook Messenger," which is a cheap knock off of Snapchat.  People keep sending me messages and I can't reply to them so I have to either email them or text to explain why I'm not answering them.  There is no reason for this since no other chat program blocks you.

Now I understand why Facebook is on the way out.  I recently went back to college to finish up a few classes.  No one under 30 there actually has an account, and if they do, they rarely login to it. 

It will be fun to watch Zuckerberg's, or Fuckerberg if you wish, platform of social justice propaganda fraud die a slow and painful death! :)