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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Disneyland Just Stuck It To Trump With What They Did When He Showed Up In ‘Hall of Presidents’

After all these years of spitting on us conservatives, Disney is finally starting to get a taste of its own medicine.
Liberal Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents which is currently closed since January 2017 in order to add a new President Donald Trump robot was originally scheduled to reopen with the new president in time for the summer of 2017 vacation season. But because we all know our new President isn’t about to put up with Disney’s liberal agenda crap the reopening has been pushed back to no earlier than the fall of 2017.
Back since the sexually challenged Clinton administration in the 90’s, the current commander-in-chief’s robot has given a short speech during the play’s finale. The president himself records this speech, and it is non-partisan. It usually talks about the “Glory of America.”
But this time around President Trump, rightly so, isn’t trusting the Liberal Disney company to write the speech his robot will be saying. In an email to Disney, Trump’s people replied that President Trump would be very happy to record the speech, but that they themselves would be writing it. Without any input whatsoever from the Disney company. Good for them!
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