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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Note to George W. Bush!

Earlier today former President George W. Bush gave a speech that sounds oddly familiar to what Crooked Hillary Clinton and John "Juan" McLame have been giving lately.
In his speech, he takes multiple jabs at President Donald Trump, calls for Globalism, and welcomes refugees to our great nation. 

Dear President George W. Bush, 

I was a huge fan of yours, I defended you tirelessly and even lost friends over you when you were president. Although I didn't agree with everything you did I was always thankful for the fact that after the biggest terrorist attack in history, when everything was so unclear, you brought us back. I defended you more than you even bothered to defend yourself, both during and after your presidency. 

When Obama would trample on the constitution you would remain silent. When Obama priced me, and millions like me, out of the health insurance market, with the help of the hack you appointed to the Supreme Court, you kept quiet. Not a word in the defense of those of us who supported and defended you. We chalked it up to you having too much class to criticize a current president. Although Obama and the Democrats would rip you a new one each and every day. 

But today you decide to attack the man who is trying to fix the mess Obama left us with. The very mess you were complicit in because of your silence. You attack the man who makes sense to us. You and your evil globalist buddies just can't understand how you, and them, just don't matter anymore. We don't even bother to listen to your lies anymore. Your kind is irrelevant now.

And if the day comes when we have to take up arms to defend our nation from globalism, We are more than ready and willing! 

America First! 

Al Waisman